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Surfer Cord Bracelet Black Pearl Jewelry
Men's Salt Water Bracelet
Sustainable Black Pearl Bracelet Waterproof Cord

SHAKA Black Pearl Surfer Cord Bracelet



 A must have for ocean lovers and surfer best friend item.

Sustainable the cord is made of nylon from fishing nets & ocean waste. The process of removing nets helps protect marine life such as turtles, dolphins, etc.

The pearl features stunning intense dark color tones and luster that reminds you of the intensity of the ocean.


 Item may include some additional materials that aren't considered sustainable features.


Convenient. Adjustable sterling silver sliding clasp.
Fits up to 10 Inches.
10-11mm approx Tahitian Pearl, AA grade, high luster.

Note that every pearl is unique in color & shape and may vary slightly.

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