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Pearl Necklace Men Style
Sustainable Pearl Necklace For Men
Jewelry For Active Men

KOA Triple Pearl Necklace- Environmentally Conscious Jewelry


KOA Necklace.

The great warrior in Hawaiian.

 From the beach to the night out with friends, this necklace fits all occasions.

Confident & attractive, you will feel like a warrior ready to conquer the ocean and the world fearlessly.


Versatile & convenient: The cord length is adjustable up to 24 Inches. You can wear it as a choker or longer for a more relaxed look. 

Sustainable: A piece to wear without guilt. Reduce the impact on nature. This cord is made from recycled ocean waste.


* Adjustable up to 24" One size fits most.

* Recycled nylon cord.

* 4 Tahitian pearls- 10-11mm approx. Baroque, oval or drop shape
High luster, beautiful colors. AA grade, some imperfections.

* Use the 4th sliding pearl to adjust the fit as desired.

* Note that every pearl is unique and may vary in color/shape.

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