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Unisex Surfer Necklace- Tahitian Pearl Jewelry
Men's Black Pearl Necklace
Black Pearl Statement Necklace

MAKIA Single Tahitian Pearl and Cord Necklace- Unisex Jewel

  • 14 Inches
  • 15 Inches
  • 16 Inches
  • 18 Inches
  • 20 Inches
  • 22 Inches


Your energy flows where your attention goes.


For the one who likes to be comfortable while fully living their active life and looking good whether swimming, surfing, biking, yoga, golfing, traveling etc...


100% made of Ocean energy: From the intensity of the Tahitian pearl, to the story of the cord that is made of recycled fishing nets collected from the sea, finished with a natural shell button. This necklace will bring beneficial ocean energies all day long.


Easy to attach & secured: Simply pass the loop through the natural abalone shell button.




* 2mm nylon Recycled cord.
* Sizing:
Women sizing starts at 14 Inches.
For men sizes: We recommend the minimum length of 16 Inches which sits next to the base of the throat.
20 Inches sits between the collarbone and bust.

*Pearl: one pearl, 11mm approx semi round, oval or slightly drop shape. High luster, beautiful colors. AA grade, some imperfections.

*Note that every pearl is unique and may vary in color/shape.

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