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Our focus is on natural, sustainable ocean treasures such as Tahitian Pearls, tropical seashells and gems of the Sea. 
Ocean lovers, dreamers, mermaids, goddesses,..........will feel the intensity of the ocean while looking stylish and feminine. 
Elodie started designing jewelry after she was faced with a very real problem: Finding sustainable, natural jewelry that still looks feminine, delicate and stylish. Her lifelong passion for the Ocean led her to fall in love with the only gem created by an ocean living organism, “The Tahitian pearl.” Adept at fashion and design, she uses her favorite French trends and mixes them with her passion for the ocean to bring magic into a design. After many years of creating jewels by hand, Elodie's products started gaining notoriety amongst the jewelry industry.
Being raised as a French woman, I like to focus on charm and elegance while using natural elements of the Sea. I want you to feel peaceful and naturally beautiful, like after a day spent in the tropics surrounded by crystal clear lagoon waters. 
Sustainability is our focus & will remain more than ever.
We use US locally sourced metals such as 14k gold filled, 14k gold, 925 Sterling Silver and Argentium silver.
We recently added Argentium silver which is made of 100% recycled silver. Hypoallergenic, tarnishing resistant you 'll love this new material.
We are always searching for the highest quality and improving our current materials.
Each piece is handmade with love, care and Aloha by Elodie in California.


The pearls we use are sourced from the French Polynesia crystal clear lagoons.
French Polynesia has been seeing a decrease in coral along with the rest of the world.

Pearls need a clean environment and are sensitive to global warming.
The farmers we use are constantly involved in protecting their piece of paradise in hopes of being able to keep cultivating unique pearls in their ocean.
Discover more about the pearls we offer. Click here.
We value your opinion and our biggest reward is satisfying you with your purchase. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any suggestions, questions, etc...
Mahalo and Aloha,
For more information, please contact us