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All jewelry requires delicate handling. Please treat your treasures gently.
Reading the below information and tips will ensure that you can enjoy your jewelry for years!
We use 925 Sterling silver. As the metal isn't pure, it will tarnish with exposure to weather.
If you swim in the ocean, please rinse and dry your jewelry afterwards.
The ocean is our best friend but not your jewelry's best friend! 
Exposing your Sterling silver jewelry to water and chemicals accelerates the wear and tear of your jewelry.
Avoid self-tanning, lotions, perfumes, or chlorine while wearing your jewelry.
Avoid wearing your jewelry while sleeping, especially chains, as they can be delicate and break while getting caught on things.
Sterling silver tarnishes but it can be easily cleaned to regain its first day shine.
Use a jewelry cleaning cloth. If you need our assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Avoid using cleaning products especially around the pearls.
We use 14/20 US made Gold filled, which is a 5% layer of gold bonded on brass as opposed to gold plated that only has a layer of less than 1% gold.
If handled with care your gold filled jewelry will last for years!
What to avoid at all costs: swimming pools, spas, Jacuzzis, hot springs, chemicals, chlorine. 
What about the ocean?
If you swim in the ocean with your gold filled jewelry, please rinse and dry your jewelry afterwards. Occasional ocean exposure won't affect your gold filled bangles or rings, but the sand may scratch the gold layer and cause friction that can damage the layer of gold and expose the brass.
The ocean is our best friend but not your jewelry's best friend! Salt water can seriously damage your metal jewelry.
Sweat and different pH levels of skin can also alter the longevity of your gold filled jewelry. Remove your jewelry before activity to avoid premature tarnishing.
Keep in mind that chains are more delicate. Remove them before showering, avoid any lotions, oils, perfumes, tanning products and hairsprays, and any types of chemicals. 
Remove chains before sleeping and before activities. Keep them separate and in a dry place.
Use a non-scratch soft polishing cloth to gently clean your tarnished gold filled items.
Our Gold filled items are soldered with solid gold. Please note that a slight variance of color may appear on the soldered joint. That joint can tarnish over time but should be easy to clean with a non-abrasive cleaning cloth.
We kept the best for last!
As Ocean Goddesses, Wahines, & Mermaids we absolutely adore Argentium and fine silver! We can finally enjoy swimming in the ocean without having to remove our favorite ocean treasures. sure to not lose them!
You will be able to wear them for at least 2 to 3 years before having to clean them.
Argentium is a great alternative for sensitive skin. Argentium is HYPOALLERGENIC.
Argentium is also a SUSTAINABLE and ECO-FRIENDLY metal made of 100% recycled sterling silver.
Pearls are for life! Pearls are organic and natural gems. 
What to avoid: perfumes, chemicals and chlorine.
Gently clean with mild soap and water.
Rings and earring pearls are securely glued with thermal shock resistant jewelers glue. BUT, with time, the pearls get hit, bump into things, exposed to humidity and water, so they may become loose.
From time to time gently check if they are still securely set. When wearing your ring, be gentle, do not pull on the pearl when putting it on or off. Instead, use the side of the band. 
If they have became loose, please contact us at We will be happy to securely re-glue your pearl.
Pearl strands that are worn on a daily basis will need to be re-strung once a year.
Our latest premium leather is the highest quality found in the world!
The leather we use is waterproof but we highly recommend to dry it after submerged in water.
To maintain its original beauty you can use some waterproof wax and leather conditioner. 
With time your leather will absorb moisture, etc., and the natural color will become a bit darker. 
We recommend to avoid wearing your leather in pools. Avoid contact with chlorine.
*The leather used on our Femme Sauvage necklace is not waterproof. 
We will happily repair leather bracelets or necklaces at a reasonable cost.
Our recycled cords from the Clean Sea Collection are lifetime guaranteed. Reducing footprint is part of our mission. We will replace your naturally worn and torn cord on the condition that you return the cord, so it can be recycled again.
Recycling can then work full cycle.
If the damage is determined to be other than natural wear and tear, we will notify you and let you know that repair services are available at a cost or otherwise.
Please note that pearls, gold filled or sterling silver components will not be replaced but they can be cleaned.
We will be happy to give a new life to your tarnished jewelry at a reasonable cost.
Please contact us for more detail. Although gold filled items that have been scratched or damaged will not regain their initial look.